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Our Cashback Program Offers

Claiming a cashback is very simple! Just reference your eligible product in the list below to see the Cashback available to you! Make your claim with your receipt number and product ID, it’s that easy. Once verified, we will be in touch to confirm your cashback approval.

Lifestyle Range – Cooling Only – 3.5kW or below

  • AOTG07CMCA – $100
  • AOTG09CMCA – $100
  • AOTG12CMCA – $100

Lifestyle Range – Cooling Only – above 3.5kW

  • AOTG18CMCA – $150
  • AOTG22CMCA – $150
  • AOTG24CMCA – $150
  • AOTG30CMTA – $150
  • AOTG34CMTA – $150

The cashback will come in the form of a Prepaid card, which we will send to you via post or email. Enjoy shopping  in-store or online anywhere worldwide where VISA, Mastercard or eftpos is accepted.


How it works

Fill in your personal and purchase details to submit your cashback claim

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We will email you once it's approved and send you your Prepaid card in the mail or email to your nominated address or email address

What you’ll need

  • Your receipt number
  • About 2 minutes of free time

Who’s eligible?

  • To be eligible to claim a cashback offer you must purchase an eligible Fujitsu product

Frequently Asked Questions

Fujitsu Rewards Cash Back Program

The Promotional Period commences at 09.00AM (AEDT) on 1st April 2021 and ends at 5.00PM (AEDT) on 2nd August 2021.

Hit ‘Claim Your Cashback Now’ above, ensure you have your product ID and your receipt number.

Unfortunately you cannot claim your cashback after the promotional period ends.

You can apply for your cashback once per purchase

Unfortunately you cannot get your cashback directly from the Dealer.

Yes you can use your receipt as proof of purchase.

The eligible products are

AOTG07CMCA – $100

AOTG09CMCA – $100

AOTG12CMCA – $100

AOTG18CMCA – $150

AOTG22CMCA – $150

AOTG24CMCA – $150

AOTG30CMTA – $150

AOTG34CMTA – $150

The cashback will be given in the form of a prepaid VISA card.

Use anywhere VISA, Mastercard, or eftpos is accepted in-store or online up to 37 million stores worldwide and online.

Physical (plastic) Cards are normally dispatched within 2 business days, though may be up to 7 days for very remote areas.

Virtual Cards are normally dispatched within the *same day.

*Order before 1pm for same-day delivery. If you order after 1pm, your Virtual Mastercard will be emailed the next business day. If you order after 1pm on a Friday, it will be emailed the following Monday.

Fujitsu Cashback Terms & Conditions 

To be eligible to claim a digital or a physical prepaid Mastercard (“Reward”), an eligible individual (“Entrant”) must purchase an “Eligible Product” as set out in point 8 below, between 9:00am AEDT 1st April 2021 and 4:59pm AEST Monday 2nd August 2021 (“Promotional Purchase Period”) from any participating Fujitsu retailer or dealer in Australia. All participating Fujitsu retailers and dealers will display advertising for this promotion. For the purpose of this promotion, “purchase” is defined as a fully paid Eligible Product, with zero balance owing, with payment having been fully made within the Promotional Purchase Period. If the customer has paid in cash, this must be clearly displayed on the invoice. To claim a Reward, the Entrant must complete the claim form online at, inputting all of the requested details, including but not limited to, personal details, residential or delivery address , the outdoor model and serial number and indoor model number of the Eligible Product purchased, upload a copy of their proof of purchase (i.e. a valid tax invoice, purchase receipt, etc.) and proof of payment (i.e. a transaction receipt such as an EFT receipt, a bank statement, credit card slip showing the purchase, etc.) for the qualifying purchase, and successfully submit the fully completed claim form by 4:59pm AEST on 30th September 2021. The Entrant then has until 4:59pm AEDT on Friday 30th October 2021 to lodge any additional or correct
documentation should Fujitsu deem the original claim not valid. Fujitsu will not accept additional documentation submitted after this date.

The Entrant’s full personal name must appear on all proof of purchase documentation provided to verify ownership and entitlement to claim a Reward. Uploaded files must be submitted in PDF, JPEG or GIF format and must not exceed 2MB file size. If an Entrant is not able to upload documents, then they must be able to print off a copy of their claim form and then fax together with their proof of purchase and proof of payment documents to the Promoter’s fax number – 03 8416 3340. If the Eligible Product is paid for by cash, the Promoter may ask for evidence of this transaction from the supplier of the product(s) before fulfilling the claim. Only one (1) claim per Eligible Product purchased is permitted. At the sole discretion of the Promoter, claim forms completed by third parties on behalf of Entrants may be rejected. Initial and most correspondence from the Promoter, its agents, contractors, service providers or prize suppliers to Entrants will be via email to the email address and via SMS to the mobile phone number provided on the Entrant’s claim form however we may also do a follow-up via phone call to the number provided on the claim form. If the Entrant requires any assistance in relation to completion or submission of the claim form, they can contact the customer call line on 1300 134 163.


1. Information on how to claim and enter, and details of the Rewards form part of these Terms and Conditions. Participation in this promotion is deemed acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.
2. By applying for a Reward, the Entrant acknowledges that they have considered the Product Disclosure Statement available at
3. Offer not valid in conjunction with any other offer.
4. The promotion is only open to Australian residents.
5. Purchases must be from any participating Fujitsu retailer or dealer in Australia. Purchases must be in the Entrant’s personal name only.
6. Purchases from registered builders or commercial or residential developers and other entities that are not individuals as described in point 11 below are excluded from this promotion and will be ineligible if submitted.
7. Purchases must only be for domestic and residential use and non-residential applications are excluded.
8. Entrants must purchase a product as detailed in the “eligible product list” noted below and also in the
FAQ’s section found at (“Eligible Product”).